"Big Moe’s Diner is a 50s style halal American diner that launched in 2010. Many aspects of our business were unique to the halal food industry, including the level of professionalism we strived to adhere to. Our meat deliveries are scrupulously checked and batches of meat which would be perfectly acceptable to most other halal businesses are often rejected by us due to non-conformity to specification. The task is made more difficult when we narrow the list of suppliers down to HMC certified only. Therefore from the outset we identified the need to establish a relationship with a reliable and cost effective HMC meat supplier who could pay attention to detail and deliver consistent results. After trying several different suppliers without success, somebody recommended Al Badia. After an initial enquiry, Ouali visited us on site and had an honest and frank discussion with us, which we really appreciated. One year has passed since that meeting and to be honest, we haven’t looked back! The quality is consistently good and the deliveries are reliable. Inshallah we hope Al Badia continues in this way and we wish them all the best in the future. I would strongly recommend Al Badia to any business that’s serious about getting their supply chain right."

Big Moe's DinerAqib Hanif - Director

Khushboo RestaurantImran - Proprietor

"I run a busy Indian restaurant located in the Brick Lane area of Whitechapel. My customers range from students to businessmen and city professionals, and are extremely demanding of their food. Being located on Brick Lane means I have to keep my quality consistently high as there is strong competition from a number of high quality eateries in the area. Every element of my business needs to be performing well and for me, having a reliable supplier who delivers fresh meat on demand is extremely important. Restaurants have enough on their plates as it is and we cannot have the added tension of poor quality meat or deliveries not turning up as per schedule. I have been using Al Badia for a number of years now and am very happy with the service they provide. Their friendly staff is always accessible and I would recommend them to all food business that want a quality and reliable supplier."

"My priority is to serve 100% halal quality meat to my customers. In this respect there is no one better than Al badia. Al Badia’s commitment to halal is second to none. Our meat always arrives on time, fresh and exactly how we like it. Al Badia has taken halal meat supply to another level and I wish them all the best!"

GrillzbaseMr. Hussain

HMCSiddiq Giga – Senior Operations Manager

"I have known Ouali Kheyar and Al badia since 2006 when they first joined HMC. Since then I can say without doubt that Al badia are one of the best meat and poultry companies that we work with. They have a 100% commitment to ensuring their meat and poultry is halal. In this respect I am proud to say that Al badia and HMC share the same ethos. They are also unique in that they are the only 100% fully HMC production plant in London.

I have a great deal of respect for Al badia and am sure that they will continue to serve the Muslim population of Britain with 100% HMC certified meat and poultry for years to come."

"It is great to see that Al badia have added the much-needed professionalism to the halal meat and poultry industry in the UK. As an operations director myself, I can see the great effort Al badia have exerted to create a robust supply chain and a great logistics team which enables them to provide a first class service. It is no wonder then why all the best halal restaurants I deal with are now buying from Al badia."

Evoca ColaAsif Salahudin – Operations Director